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John on the Miche Fambro Show

Recorded June 23, 2010 at the Tango Cafe.

New Albums, New Site. New-new-new.

Hey, you! Long time no see. I know, I know. I just haven’t had time to call… How’s Aunt Lou? Oh, that’s good. Good, good. Okay. Okay. Stop talking now, please. We’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff for you, so quit your dilly-dallying and go check it out, okay? Okay. Download the new […]


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I Hate You, James Franco.

You know who really grinds my gears? This James Franco kid. He thinks he’s all special with his degrees and his fame and his critically-acclaimed performances and his hair… I don’t like him very much! I wish he would just go away. He’s making it difficult for us non-critically-acclaimed guys. I feel like I need […]

Hacked by Saudis

On November 15th, my website was hacked by citizens of Saudi Arabia. I have no information or proof to back up this statement other than the words “Saudi Arabia” that appeared in parentheses on the hacker’s calling card that took the place of my website and destroyed my electronic life. Such is the reputation of […]

You will enjoy this if you are from NY or if you are not from NY.

Hey there, kiddies! The Professor of Rap’s got a brand new track for you to rub against your earlobes! It’s called A Season in Hell and it’s really funny! It’s about a cute little dog who is taking a nap, and then a precious kitten comes over and starts nuzzling his paws, and then the […]

Please Remove Your Children From The Computer.

Oh, hey there! Long time, no see. Yeah, I missed you, too. Oh, I’m fine. How have you been? Oh yeah? Yeah? Wow, that’s really interest– Uh huh. Yeah, well– Um, look, hold on– Wow, that’s terrible. I hope they find the giraffe… Yeah. Um, look– Look. I didn’t ask for your whole life story. […]

Rap U: We Like Songs with Animals.

Here it is. The track you’ve all been waiting for. I’ll skip the usual blather and get right to the good stuff. The latest track in the weekly release parade leading up to “The Professor of Rap’s Dance Revolution” is… Do the Moose. Today happens to be the 2nd anniversary of the revival of Moose […]


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New Music: “L’école des DJs” – FREE to Download!

Summer vacation? Not at Rap U. The Professor and his colleagues have been hard at work churning out tracks for the upcoming album “The Professor of Rap’s Dance Revolution.” The album won’t be available till the end of Summer (?), but on every Monday between now and its release, we’ll be dropping FREE teaser tracks […]

New Music: “bootleg album” – FREE to Download!

The latest “profesor or rap” album is now FREE to download on Bandcamp! Click to go to Bandcamp. The album is available as a free digital download, or you can buy a physical copy, the Limited Edition Handmade Bootleg Album, for only $50 — Shipped right to your door! There is a limited run of […]


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Sticky: Free Music!

The Professor of Rap’s debut album is FREE to download! You can download it in 320kbps MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you can imagine at Bandcamp. But hey, maybe you don’t feel like downloading the whole album — You just want a few tracks. Well, you can do that, too. Individual tracks […]