You will enjoy this if you are from NY or if you are not from NY.

Posted by: The Adjunct of Funk on September 29, 2010

Hey there, kiddies! The Professor of Rap’s got a brand new track for you to rub against your earlobes! It’s called A Season in Hell and it’s really funny! It’s about a cute little dog who is taking a nap, and then a precious kitten comes over and starts nuzzling his paws, and then the dog– OMG– the dog LICKS THE KITTEN’S FACE!! SOOO CUUUUTE!!!

Just kidding. It’s actually a pretty dark song. You’ll still like it, though. Even though there are no kittens.

The Professor is saving all his kitten tracks for the upcoming LOLcat Revo-Smoochin’ album. It’ll come with a free sheet of unicorn stickers, and will be coated in half a pound of glitter. Singles will include:

- “I’m Gonna Hug You, Felix”
- “Boopie Made A Sneezle”
- “Why Do You Sleep All The Time?”
- “Snookums Loves A Brushin’!”
- “Who Needs Friends When I’ve Got You, Mittens? [EXPLICIT]”
- “This Litter Box Is GROSS!”
- “Stop Bringing Me Dead Mice!”

I can’t WAIT!!

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