New Albums, New Site. New-new-new.

Posted by: The Adjunct of Funk on June 9, 2011

Hey, you! Long time no see. I know, I know. I just haven’t had time to call… How’s Aunt Lou? Oh, that’s good. Good, good. Okay. Okay. Stop talking now, please.

We’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff for you, so quit your dilly-dallying and go check it out, okay? Okay.

Download the new album, “Celebrity” for only $8, or listen to it online for free!

Download the Original Unoriginal Cast Recording for Moose Murders!

Visit the brand new website for the Post Cap Art Movement,!

Oh man! Oh wow! Oh man! There’s so much awesome stuff there! Oh wow! Check it out! Oh man!

Oh wow!