Rap U: We Like Songs with Animals.

Here it is. The track you’ve all been waiting for. I’ll skip the usual blather and get right to the good stuff. The latest track in the weekly release parade leading up to “The Professor of Rap’s Dance Revolution” is… Do the Moose. Today happens to be the 2nd anniversary of the revival of Moose […]

Today on Rap U: A Song About a Cat.

The Professor sent me this song. I don’t think it’s rap. I’m also fairly certain that he’s not the person singing. In fact, I don’t think The Professor had anything to do with this track at all. Maybe he stole it from someone. Maybe it’s a B-Side to “Puff the Magic Dragon.” I don’t “get” […]

Rap Music for People who Hate Rap Music

“Harrumph!” you shout from your ivory tower of elitism, built on foundations of diamond-encrusted scoffs and platinum-coated eyerolls. “What’s all this about ‘Rap’ so-called ‘Music?’ In my day, people played tender ballads on guitars and panflutes while staring at the floor, terrified of being thought ‘subversive’ or ‘original!’ Musicians would cry themselves to sleep, ashamed […]

Why The Professor of Rap Deserves a Grammy

1) There are 110 Grammy awards. I deserve one of them. 2) My album is in the worthy tradition of the first Grammy Rap winner: DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) in 1989. 3) I sing all my own songs, unlike Milli Vanilli. 4) I have a great clothing designer. I would […]


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New Music: “L’école des DJs” – FREE to Download!

Summer vacation? Not at Rap U. The Professor and his colleagues have been hard at work churning out tracks for the upcoming album “The Professor of Rap’s Dance Revolution.” The album won’t be available till the end of Summer (?), but on every Monday between now and its release, we’ll be dropping FREE teaser tracks […]

New Music: “bootleg album” – FREE to Download!

The latest “profesor or rap” album is now FREE to download on Bandcamp! Click to go to Bandcamp. The album is available as a free digital download, or you can buy a physical copy, the Limited Edition Handmade Bootleg Album, for only $50 — Shipped right to your door! There is a limited run of […]

What is Post-Cap Art? (A Manifesto)

A while ago, my newspaper horoscope read:  “Your lack of resources makes you unstoppable.” This, I decided, was the perfect distillation of the Post-Capitalist Art Movement. In the last few decades, the idea of the lone, creative soul has succumbed to a new Nineteenth Century Academy—only this Academy is called the Corporation.  Art has become […]

Bubbles – Liner Notes

Everything about Michael Jackson’s life was problematic: his relations with his father, mother, siblings, fans, promoters, producers, financiers, investors, celebrities, record companies, Neverland employees. I believe that he was as loathed by the people who had to deal with him on a daily basis as he was anonymously loved by billions. People say he himself […]


I got a disturbing, curt email from The Professor this morning. From: “The Professor of Rap” <professor@theprofessorofrap.com> To: “The Adjunct of Funk” <funkadjunct@theprofessorofrap.com> Spencer– View immediately. -The Professor There was a video attached. After much deliberating, I have decided to violate The Professor’s trust and upload it to YouTube. I think you’ll understand why it […]

Blessing for Artists – With Video

With holy water I do bless This website that’s among the best It’s got my rhymes and Brandon’s tunes It’ll have your money pretty soon. But now, for the next week, it’s free Art should be free in theory But often isn’t just because A corporation makes art laws And makes outlaws Of us all. […]